College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University Student’s Research into Unsolved Missing Person and Homicide Cases in Minnesota

Research Led By Dr. Aubrey Immelman

Each year, senior students from the College of Saint Benedict and St. John’s University have the opportunity to take Personality Assessment in Criminal Psychology as their capstone course taught by Dr. Immelman. The course is offered as a four credit semester long course that covers many topics such as : Criminal Profiling, Crime Scene Analysis, Case linkage of offender’s MO and Signature, Sex Crimes, Domestic Homicide and Mass Murder. There is also a research component that allows students to look further into a specific case and utilize what they have learned throughout the course to gain insight as to what really happened.

This year’s Fall 2020 course was structured differently due to Covid-19, with a new four week block schedule instead of a typical 15 week semester. With just a fraction of time as a normal semester, Dr. Immelman decided to structure the course in a way that allowed students to look into cases already researched, to both add new and edit information provided by past students. In addition, students Alexis Schmid and Melody Herr developed this website to display the information that was found on both Missing Person and Unsolved Homicide cases in Minnesota.

Along with the research found on each case, featured information and articles written by Dr. Immelman and past students: Rebecca Klein, Colt Blunt and Julie Seifert have also been highlighted. If anyone has new information about the cases posted, please contact your local police department or the tipline’s designated for each case.